Minnesota: Electrolux submits to sharia law to accomodate Muslim workers

by creeping sharia

Muslims have conquered another corporation in the U.S., once again in Minnesotastan. via Electrolux makes changes to accomodate Muslim workers | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ.

St. Paul, Minn. — The freezer manufacturer Electrolux is adjusting its meal schedule to accommodate Muslim employees during Ramadan.

During the month-long Islamic holiday, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Earlier this week, Muslim workers said they wouldn’t be able to break their fast at sunset with a new company policy that prohibits food on the production floor.

Jim Kiser, the union representative for Electrolux workers, said the company proposed the schedule adjustment Friday.

“The company has presented the union with what it considers a reasonable solution to the problem,” Kiser said. “The union is considering it and whether their proposal complies with our labor agreement between Electrolux and the union.”

Kiser said the union’s contract allows breaks and lunch periods to be moved as necessary to comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other legal obligations.

Ramadan begins August 10th. The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations says it is unclear if the proposed schedule change takes into account the daily change in the time of sunset.

Terror-linked, unindicted co-conspirator to a convicted Hamas funding organization smells blood. The rabid Islamists want total submission to sharia. Has Electrolux already installed the pseudo-mosque on premise; banned pork products in its cafeteria; installed footbaths; eliminated American holidays in favor of Islamic feasts? Expect more on this story, it’s just the beginning…of the end.

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