Philadelphia: Muslim sues trucking company after being fired for refusing to transport alcohol


Editorial Comment: Are Americans going to sit back and continue to let these fools who refuse to assimilate with the U.S. culture  use our court system for such nonsense?  Solution, these suits should be classified as nuisance law suits and the litigants along with the ACLU might be sent back to the sand where they belong.

Another lawsuit proceeds according to the principle that American businesses must change the way they operate in order to accommodate Muslims, rather than that Muslims must adapt to American society, laws, and mores. Not too long ago in America, a suit like this would have been laughed out of court, and Vasant Reddy would have been told to find a job that didn’t involve his violating his religious principles. No more. Now it is up to the unlucky business where Vasant Reddy chooses to work to change the way it does business in order to suit him.

Stealth Jihad Update: “Civil-rights suit alleges Muslim was fired for refusing to haul beer, though company had agreed to accommodate his religion,” by Stephanie Farr for the Philadelphia Daily News, October 22 (thanks to Benedict):

A Muslim man claims he was fired by a trucking company after refusing to transport a load of alcohol, according to a civil-rights lawsuit filed recently in federal court.Vasant Reddy, 35, of Northeast Philadelphia, said it’s against his religious beliefs to “consume, possess or transport alcohol or tobacco,” according to the suit.

He claims he told this to his supervisors at the Philadelphia branch of Schneider National Inc. when he was hired in May 2009. They told him they could accommodate his beliefs, but the next month he was assigned to transport a delivery of Miller Lite, said Reddy’s attorney, Justin Swidler.

When he complained, Reddy’s supervisor told him that his refusal to transport the beer was an “operational violation” and that he would be fired, the suit said.

Reddy said he was assigned another nonalcoholic load that he transported successfully and that another driver moved the Miller Lite shipment, according to court documents.

Two days later, though, Reddy was given a choice: Resign or be fired, Swidler said.

“There is no dispute that he was fired for denying to transport alcohol,” Swidler said. “They fired him because they felt like it was an insubordination for him to request such a thing.”…

Swidler claims that fewer than 5 percent of Schneider’s transports contain alcohol and, therefore, accommodating Reddy’s religious beliefs wouldn’t have been difficult for the company.

“The law is clear that if it creates an undue hardship, you don’t have to accommodate someone,” Swidler said. “Clearly, a bar doesn’t have to hire someone who is Muslim, but it’s different if it’s only 1, 3 or 5 percent of your business.”

5 responses to “Philadelphia: Muslim sues trucking company after being fired for refusing to transport alcohol

  1. I shake my head at all that is taking place in our Country. It’s unbelievable, yet true that muslims are taking over and that POS and his playmates are all for them, as well as many of the people. There must be a solution and my hope and prayer is God will show us the way.

  2. Susan McAllister

    So American Muslims need to get over their religious beliefs and transport alcohol, but American Christians can refuse to sell legal prescriptions, like birth control pills, because it’s against their religious beliefs. That’s what we out here in common sense land call hypocrisy. Just sayin…

    • The difference is to your nonsensical comment is that birth control pales in comparison to pedophiles, child marriage, mercy killings, stoning deaths. I’m making a big assumption her Susan, I’m thinking you are a clueless ignorant woman, right?

  3. Susan McAllister: Where in the USA is it that “American Christians can refuse to sell legal prescriptions, like birth control pills, because it’s against their religious beliefs.” ? Also, I noted “can refuse” — does that mean they are granted? Another also…There is one big difference between what you term, “American Muslim” and an American Christian, don’t you think, or are you as dancingczars mildly suggests, a clueless ignorant woman???

  4. New York Law School’s legal reporting blog recently published a legal analysis of this story. Please take a look:

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