Egypt’s Mufti Ali Gomaa Threatens Israel on Behalf of 1.5 Gazillion Muslims

The Winds of Jihad

From our “who speaks for Islam” series:

“All your holy Jewish sites are belong to us”

Sarkasm aside, you can rest assured that the  the wife-beatin’, profit’s excrement’s & urine slurping, statue-hatin’ Mufti Ali Gomaa,  grand mufti of Al Azhar  speaks for a lot more Muslims than that Georgetown prostitute Johnny Esposito or the Muhammad glorifying  ex-nun Koran Armstrong.

Egypt’s Mufti threatens Israel (Elder of Zion)

The Grand Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Ali Gomaa, who is considered a moderate cleric, (by whom?)  said on Saturday that “the grave violations against holy sites” in Jerusalem requires urgent international Islamic intervention.

He said that Israel’s temporary closing of the ramp to the Mughrabi Gate on the Temple Mount – which Muslims do not use – was the latest violation against the sanctity of Jerusalem.

Presumably these “grave violations” also include the fact that Jews are allowed, with severe restrictions, to visit their own holiest site.

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