Muslim Brotherhood to US Ambassador in Egypt: “Sharia Law ensures personal freedoms for all”


Winds of Jihad

Comment by Jim Campbell

Hold on a second, “Shaia law ensures personal freedom for all?”  Hum, that would mean freedom to be stoned to death, hung, become a child bride, be subjected to female genital mutilation at a very young name, be set on fire or hung if you are a homosexual and among many other freedoms the freedom to be killed and or tortured should you desire to leave the cult.

Islam is nothing but a totalitarian all-pervasive life style that a Seventh Century lunatic by the Name of MO, who could not read or write, hijacked the Muslim people living is some of the worst places on earth to be forced into submission.

Now folks that isn’t what comes to mind when I think about freedom.  How about you?

Muslim Brotherhood’s new motto, Change without Hope

In all probability the U.S. Ambassador, both a Obama and Muslim suck up, who bought this and anything else they were selling.

Islam is the perfect cult for Obama to follow. He can lie 24-7 and taqiyya has him covered.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

“Jiziya without conditions”

“Any aid must go through legitimate channels, with the knowledge of the Egyptian government, without any conditions.”

CAIRO: A statement issued by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood said that US Ambassador to Cairo Anne Patterson met with the group’s Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie on Wednesday, and reportedly told her that Sharia law, or Islamic law, “ensures personal freedoms for all.”

MB Chairman Badie

Seeing is believing:

“Kafirs have to make it up to the Arabs…”

“We want to see actions, not words, for the U.S. to recover its credibility with the Arab and Muslim peoples, in particular with regard to Palestine — the top issue for Arabs and Muslims,”  (source)

3 responses to “Muslim Brotherhood to US Ambassador in Egypt: “Sharia Law ensures personal freedoms for all”

  1. Sharia Law ensures freedoms for all? This is such a bunch of crap, excuse my crude language.


    Hello .. can’t sign in with Face fk Book.. They said my account was compromised but it was not was me and I forgot a pass .. Senior Moment but my account is fine. They want information to get back on .. won’t give them my address so they can send the blg black car… lol no phone number either.. If they let me back in I can prove it was me.. But since they had been throwing me out of face book a lot when I was posting doubt it will be easy.. One way of the other I will get back.. I can prove it without giving them that kind of info but can use my PPal account.. :P

    I always love your posts and pages. JC one of my favorite people xoxo

    Sharia Lawlessness is an Abomination as we all know and it gives Freedoms for the All The EVILS of ISLAM and the iman for murder, incest, child molesting, rape, tortures, stoning, and every other debauchery there is and they bring up for the Bowels of Hell were they were all Spawned! What is wrong with all these females.. Can they not see what is happening around the world and how EVIL Demented and just how sick they really are! EVERY MODERATE MUSLIM IS NEVER MODERATE AS SOON AS THE ISMAN SAYS JIHAD …. THEY WILL KILL OR THEY WILL BE KILLED AND TORTURED IF THEY DO NOT OBEY!!!! THAT IS THE SAD TRUTH. THEY ARE ONLY MODERATE WHEN THEY CAN BE JUST LIKE THEY ALWAYS SIDE WITH WHOEVER IS THE STRONGEST I KNOW IF I WERE ON FIRE I WOULD NOT BE SITTING DOWN I WOULD BE KICKING THEM AND PASSING THE FIRE ON TO THEM UNTIL MY DYING BREATH~~~~

  3. Charlene Bronson

    Yes, This is Charlene Bronson.. Islam is the Enemy of God, Humanity, out Constitution and Bill of Rights and so is Every Muslim!

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