The “Beauty” of Muslim Immigration


Logan’s Warning


I think it is safe to say that most of the readers here know that I am against Muslim immigration. I am against it because Muslims have turned our freedoms into a tool of Islam, and our slowly changing the country to suit Islam.

If we do not end their immigration it is just a matter of time until we lose this war, because they will never stop pushing. Today I am posting a video that shows the English Defence League’s (EDL) Tommy Robinson, driving through a Muslim area in the UK. Watch the “red carpet” treatment our infidel friend receives….


What you saw is the future of the West if Muslim immigration is not stopped. Unfortunately the call to end it is not yet loud enough, and major organizations like ACT! actually support Muslim immigration. Where do you stand?

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4 responses to “The “Beauty” of Muslim Immigration

  1. That will happen here in the states if they are not stopped and the real Amercans wont permit it and we willhave a race war like Obama wants…

  2. Tommy is correct-islam is NOT a religion – -it IS a fascist ideology; their quran is NOT a holy book – -it IS a collection of writings by a lunatic, heathen pedophile!

  3. Just to go a little further, the only “good” muslim is, either, dead, or still lives in the middle east – -minding “their own” business. In the USA, I insist we close and lock the muslim immigration gate and THROW AWAY THE KEY! Then, round up and deport any who still remain here!

  4. June , I hope you’re including Obama in the ” get the hell out of America” parade . I hope that the Pres. that follows him has got the nards to deport every camel humper in America and if he doesn’t then I guess it’ll be a job for ” We The People ” . Put them in the hold of a bunch of cargo ships with the rest of the rats and pray for a hurricane at sea .

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