“Historian” Daniel Pipes: In a World of his own Making ~ Taking America Straight to an Islamic Hell

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

In the article below Christopher Logan a true Islamic scholar whose writings have appeared on this site many times unloads on the concept of a “Moderate Islam”

Whether Muslims takeover through violence or by using our freedoms against us to advance Islam, the final goal is the same. That is an America governed by Sharia Law. While the laws of America are equal for all, Sharia Law discriminates against non-Muslims, apostates, homosexuals, and women. I believe if more Americans knew what Sharia Law demands they would take a stand against it.

Christopher Logan

Logan’s Warning

As many of you know I have pointed out numerous times that many high-profile names who are supposed to be helping us win the war with Islam, have no real long-term answers. The list includes ACT!’s Brigitte Gabriel,  the Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney, human rights lawyer Brooke Goldstein , FOX New’s Sean Hannity , and the Middle East Forum’s Daniel Pipes.

Daniel Pipes

 The best they can seem to do is parade that fraud Zuhdi Jasser around, as if he is going to save the day. He is NOT. Today we will take a closer look at the so-called “historian” Daniel Pipes.

Forget about it

Pipes states he has been studying Islam since 1969: (From an article written in 2005 about a Lawrence Auster who also called Pipes on the fantasy he is pushing,)

Lawrence Auster characterizes my approach to Islam as “ecumenist” and his own as “civilizationist.” I prefer to call my approach historical and his essentialist. That is, I emphasize that things change over time and he sees them as static. I focus on the vast changes since I began studying Islam in 1969.

If he really has been studying Islam since then he only sees what he wants to see, and quite frankly I do not think he has the courage to face the harsh realities of Islam itself.

At the core of his argument is the view that “moderate Islam cannot exist.” To which I reply that Islam can be whatever Muslims wish to make of it.

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