Radical Islamic preacher Guilty

The Muslim Way:

Let’s hear it for our friends down under their courts and government have a bigger set than those in the United States.

An extremist Islamic preacher has been found guilty of making a terrorist attack on Sydney’s Mardi Gras and accesssing child pornography has been sentenced to jail.

 Siddiq Conlon

Islamic Convert Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon, a 36-year-old father of four, made a hoax terror threat on the Facebook page of Today FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show. He wrote a “homophobic diatribe including threats of violence”, Judge Penny Hock said on Friday, adding that she saw the hoax threat as the more serious of the two offences.

“It was clearly a threat that had to be acted upon,” Judge Hock said.
Siddiq-Conlon referred to his organisation Sharia4Australia on the page and also warned Muslims they should avoid the area on the day of the annual parade. The Sydney architect warned: “Attention, high possible risk of a terrorist attack. Spread the word. Imminent danger.”

He had made the message from his own Facebook page, which is in his name.

When police arrested him and searched his car, they found the devout muslim preacher had child pornography material on a laptop, including images, videos and stories.

Siddiq-Conlon, from Lakemba who has been calling for Sharia and sells himself as a devout muslim preacher was arrested on March 3 this year and charged.
She sentenced him to nine months in jail for the hoax threat and six months for the child pornography offence.
Because of the 156 days he has spent in custody since his arrest he was released at the end of the hearing on Friday.
The conditions of his release include good behaviour for two years and being supervised by the probation and parole service. He will also have to complete the sentences in custody if he does not comply

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