Egypt: Islamic supremacists attack opposition party paper with Molotov cocktails; sheikhs tell Muslims to vote in favor of Sharia constitution

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

Voters who were not threatened would not vote to bring back the totalitarian mullah driven Sharia law put forth by President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Egypt’s fraudulently  elected President Morsi

Under Hosni Mubarak, an admitted dictator, Egypt for the most part was non sectarian, and was not preoccupied with the destruction. 

Expect civil uprisings and all out way in Egypt until the Morsi regime and the Muslim brotherhood are crushed. 

Jihad Watch

Egyptians vote for Sharia — or else. “Violence flares in Cairo as Egyptians vote,” by Tamim Elyan and Yasmine Saleh for Reuters, December 15:


(Reuters) – Islamists attacked the offices of an Egyptian opposition party newspaper on Saturday, security sources said, as people voted on a new constitution intended to pull the country out of a growing political crisis.The newspaper of the Wafd party in Cairo was targeted with petrol bombs and birdshot, the sources said, in the latest of a series of violent incidents surrounding a divisive referendum designed to pave the way to national elections next year.

The attack came as officials began counting votes after polling stations closed at 11 p.m. (1600 ET).

Official results will not come until after a second round of voting in remaining areas of the country next Saturday, but conflicting claims were already emerging from the rival camps. (complete article below)

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