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Iran Submarines in Red Sea to Spot Naval Vessels?

By Ladane Nasseri –
By Jim Campbell
This reporter received a call from a friend today with a heads up from two people with connections about this event.  The concern was the Iranians might intend to actually attack Saudi Arabia.
This does not seem likely as it would bring worldwide condemnation, immediate military operations to crush Iran’s repressive totalitarian regime.  
With the recent news that Iran appears to be two months away from having weapons grade material it would seem that it would lead to an attack by the US by air taking out as many nuke sites as possible with Daisy Cutters then following with a land assault that would be joined with millions of Iranian dissidents who would fight with the military to topple the mullahs .
The US should long for the relationship we had with Iran before Jimmy Carter arranged to have the Shaw overthrown leading to the Iranian Revolution and the U.S. Embassy hostage crisis.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Iranian submarines have entered the Red Sea as part of a mission to identify other nations’ military vessels and collect information about the seabed, the state-run Fars news agency reported, citing an unidentified official.


The submarines came from the Gulf of Aden, where they were dispatched in May, according to today’s report by Fars, which didn’t specify the number of vessels involved. A Pentagon spokesman in Washington, Marine Corps Colonel David Lapan, confirmed the deployment without additional details.

The submarines were sailing next to ships from the Iranian Navy’s 14th Fleet, which includes the destroyer Shahid Naghdi, Fars said. The fleet was sent to the Gulf of Aden in May to protect Iran’s cargo ships and oil tankers from attacks by Somali pirates, Fars said.

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