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Iranian Power Projection in the Persian Gulf

Stratfor Global Intelligence Security Report

A report emerged today in the Iranian press that a group of humanitarian activists would take part in a flotilla that would set sail May 16. Now this scenario should sound familiar. Last June when a group of Turkish humanitarian activists attempted to send a flotilla to Gaza, Israeli commandos boarded the ship, killing nine civilians and sparking a major diplomatic crisis.

Analyst Reva Bhalla explains the constraints and opportunities Iran faces in trying to expand influence in the Persian Gulf region.

A similar scenario playing out in energy-vital Persian Gulf region would carry much more severe implications. In the Gaza situation you had the receiving party, the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, welcoming the flotilla. In this case you would have the Bahraini government, the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council], not to mention the U.S. Fifth Fleet highly resistant to an Iranian ship trying to dock on Bahraini shores. So why would Iran be supporting this aid flotilla?

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