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Ah yes, Islam the religion of peace and love

While Valentine’s Day was being observed around the world, in Afghanistan, husband of Nafisa, cut off her ear and nose and put hot water on her small child. The inhuman act was carried in Herat Province in the Western Afghanistan on Feb.14, 2008. گوش و بینی نفیسه از سوی شوهرش بریده شد مسوو

Taliban in Afghanistan, brutally lash then shoot pregnant woman to Death

HERAT, Afghanistan — Taliban insurgents publicly executed an Afghan woman for alleged adultery, a police official said Monday, in a reminder to the era when the militant group ruled Afghanistan.

The 48-year-old widow was given dozens of lashes before being shot dead on Sunday in the remote Qades district, held by the militants in northwestern Badghis province, said Abdul Jabar who serves as a senior officer in the province.

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