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State Dept refuses to divulge details of sharia imam’s Mideast junket

by creepingsharia

Transparency, as in – you can see right through the taqiyya. Hat tip mijadedios, via Head of Mosque Plan Near Ground Zero Visits Mideast – NYTimes.com.

Transparancy you can heave in

CAIRO — Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the organizer of the planned Muslim community center in Lower Manhattan, arrived in Bahrain on Thursday to begin a three-country tour of the Persian Gulf sponsored by the United States State Department.

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Minnesota: Hawala banking system funded Somali jihadists

by creepingharia

In this post a few days ago, two of the fourteen Muslims indicted for aiding Islamic terrorists in Somalia were arrested for raising funds for jihad. More on the money transfer via How the Hawala banking system works

ROCHESTER (KTTC-DT) — “Transfer, trust” is the meaning of the Hawala banking system, used for centuries in the Muslim world.

Hawala is a way to move money quickly and efficiently.

For many Somalis in Rochester, this means getting in touch with their native land where banks do not exist.

Amal Express is one of the many Somalia based Hawala’s in Rochester.

Money transactions take place completely on the honor system.

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Is zakat for non-Muslims? (video)

In short, no. Zakat is for Muslims only – unless it is used to convert non-Muslims to Islam. A video from the Money Jihad blog confirms what we posted previously in Muslim “charity” for Muslims only..

Exactly as we pointed out in the context of disaster relief to Haiti, zakat is not for the “poor” or “needy” in general–it is for Muslim poor and Muslim needy (and Muslim terrorists, but we’ll leave that aside for the moment).

The only exception is zakat can be used as a bribe to convert non-Muslims to Islam. Do you have any lingering doubts? Check out this video posted by “waytojennah” on YouTube on July 5:


Duty of jihad is linked to zakat

Obama to ensure pillar of Islam, zakat, easier

U.S. Muslim Groups Want Obama to Make Charitable Giving Easier

Zakat is supposed to find its way to jihadists

Islamist groups set up camp in Haiti (video)

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