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Finland Introducing Islam Into Public School System

Women Against Sharia

Proselytizing in the classroom… So much for critical minds.

From the Ahlul Bayt News Agency:

Finland has introduced its first official; textbook to teach Islam in its public school system. Salam – islamin polku, or “Salam – the Path of Islam” is is intended for children in the first and second grades. Books for higher grades are currently under development.

Religious instruction is available at Finnish schools for pupils who are members of the established Lutheran and Orthodox Churches, as well as for those who are members of other officially registered religions if there is enough demand for the instruction in the school. Pupils who are not members of any religion take classes in ethics.

Though Islam is offered as a religious class in a number of public schools, previously there had been no textbook for the subject. Instead, the same handbook-type guide had been used at all grade levels.

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