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Another Assassination Attempt to Kill Karzai Foiled

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Front Page Magazine

Afghanistan intelligence has foiled a plot hatched in Pakistan to assassinate President Hamid Karzai. An Afghan government spokesman identified six Afghani citizens — including one of Karzai’s bodyguards — who were recruited by two Arab nationals based in Pakistan, to carry out the attacks. The men confessed that the Haqqani network was behind the plot.

Computers seized by authorities also revealed the group planned several other attacks, including targets in Kabul, Europe, and the US. And the revelations come on the same day that President Karzai signed a surprise security pact with India, further complicating relations with Pakistan.

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Breaking: Plot to kill Afghan president foiled:

Preliminary Report from Stratfor Global Security and Reuters
More new on this issue as it brakes, JC.
KABUL – Afghanistan’s intelligence agency said on Wednesday it had thwarted a plot to assassinate President Hamid Karzai after arresting a bodyguard and five people with links to the Haqqani network and al Qaeda.