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Southern California Mosque: Trojan Horse or House of Worship?

Imam Mahmoud Harmoush- Imam of proposed Mega Mosque
Mano Bakh- Former Muslim and former Iranian Naval Captain.
The Imam again uses taqiyya,  (Qur’an sanctioned lying) to change the subject, dodge the questions.

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Asked five times imam of proposed Temecula, CA mosque refuses to call Hamas a terrorist organization

Mano Bakh

Mahmoud Harmoush

Note, in the broadcast with Mano Bakh he now says he doesn’t support Hamas, that is not the same as saying Hamas is a terrorist organization or that funding for his mosque comes from Hamas.

In short the listener is treated to a nice course of taqiyya……….

Listen carefully to Imam Mahmoud Harmoush, the truth lies in the opposite of what he says has just said in the discussion with Mano Bakh and Rick Amato.

Contact for Temecula City Council in Relation to Islamic Center

Before 7 pm tonight, it is advisable to contact Temecula’s city council and urge them to vote against the proposed Islamic Center there.

The phone number to the Temecula, CA City Council is 951-694-6444.

The names and email addresses of three city council members are:

Jeff Comerchero


Maryann Edwards


Michael S. Naggar