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Iran May Be Wild Card In 2012 U.S. Election

by Women Against Sharia
From Fox News:
Commentary by Jim Campbell
If Obama weren’t in a position of the drowning man thoughts such as these would not be brought to the table.  Should he create a “crisis” that is “too good to go to waste” it could well back fire on him. 
Few take him seriously.  Obama is the ultimate enigma. The anti-war candidate who continues to pander to as many of his progressive anti-war constituents as possible, he has used the US Military in Illegal Wars in Egypt, Lybia, and the Sudan.  I would not trust him to lead a Cub Scout Troop.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.
What happens in Iran over the next few months may be one of the biggest wild cards in the 2012 election, and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was characteristically blunt about the stakes.”If they decided to do it, it would probably take them about a year to be able to produce a bomb and then possibly another one to two years in order to put it on a deliverable vehicle of some sort in order to deliver that weapon,” Panetta told CBS’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday.

    The Muslim Midget and minions.

Top aides to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insist the timeline is a lot shorter, and suggested in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine they may launch a unilateral strike against Tehran.

While Israeli officials clearly believe this could be a last resort option to take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities, there is sharply divided opinion about whether such a move would also throw the Middle East into chaos — not to mention have a huge impact on the U.S. election.

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