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US Indicts Singaporeans And Iranian In Alleged Bomb Plot

by Women Against Shariah
From the Telegraph:

US justice officials said on Tuesday they had indicted four Singaporeans and an Iranian for exporting radio equipment to Iran, for roadside bombs in Iraq.

At least 16 radio antennas were found in unexploded improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Iraq, the US Justice Department said in a statement, noting that the Iranian suspect in the case is still at large.

The US military has repeatedly accused Shiite militias in Iran of conducting bomb attacks in neighbouring Iraq in an attempt to foment sectarian hatred.

The indictment said thousands of antennas were meant to be exported from the United States to Iran, and in addition to the four Singaporeans, four companies from the southeast Asian nation had been charged in the alleged plot.

“Yesterday, authorities in Singapore arrested Wong Yuh Lan (Wong), Lim Yong Nam (Nam), Lim Kow Seng (Seng), and Hia Soo Gan Benson (Hia), all citizens of Singapore, in connection with a US request for extradition,” the statement said.

“The United States is seeking their extradition to stand trial in the District of Columbia,” it said.

“The remaining individual defendant, Hossein Larijani, is a citizen and resident of Iran who remains at large.”

Iran shells Afghan village over land dispute

South Asia News

Kabul – Iran has fired seven mortar shells into Afghanistan following a dispute over an Afghan village in southwestern Nimruz province, an official said Wednesday.

‘Today I received reports that as many as seven mortar shells were shot into Nimruz province in Kang district from the Iranian side of the border this morning,’ Haji Qaasim Khedri, deputy governor of Nimruz, told dpa.

‘We have not received any reports of casualties yet, and we have reported the incident to higher authorities in Kabul,’ Khedri said.

Earlier this week, Iranian officials claimed an Afghan village as part of its territory. This was followed by Wednesday’s shelling, Khedri said.

He said both events related to the same village, adding that the Iranian military had made ‘force deployments along the border line.

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Iran: Dredging For New Friends

Iran‘s project to ingratiate itself to the bottom dwellers of the world community has gained added importance as it finds itself increasingly isolated after the Arab Spring.  Iran, like Saudi Arabia, and Turkey views itself as the protector of Islam a role which has always required a complete disregard for human rights and common sense as well.

Iran’s people have had it with the theocracy. Another stolen election by the Muslim Midget and there will be major blood in the streets.

Birds of a feather, flock together and it’s no surprise that Iran, one of the many self-appointed defenders of Mohamed’s invention Islam, should find friends and allies among the worst of the worst regimes.  Nor should it be surprising that Muslims recruit new Mohammedists from prison populations, where the candidates have already been pre-screened as disposed to commit crimes making them ideal candidates for the unending wet-work of Islam..

Iran getting Uranium from Africa


The blossoming of the Arab Spring was not a good news for Iran. Teheran finds itself confronting the possibility of losing important allies, such as Syria, and of losing the chance to become a hegemonic power in the region. Iran is therefore looking around the globe for new partners that could politically and economically support the regime.

Iran’s Muslim Midget

The Iranian government has made significant strides in Latin America, helping to embolden the anti-American bloc of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba and Nicaragua, while gaining sympathies in countries such as Brazil and Argentina.

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Iranian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani Faces Execution for Refusing to Recant Christian Beliefs

1389 (blog admin),

From Dr. Terry Jones:

Comment by Jim Campbell

For those of you that visit this site claiming that Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance ask yourselves what religions kill people for refusing to believe? As it says below the header, “Only false prophets feel the need to kill in order to spread their faith.”~ Mano Bakh

Again, another example of the radical element of Islam, another example of unbelievable violations of human rights, of freedom of speech. Even the actual thought that someone could possibly be executed, imprisoned, just simply because of what he believes is totally barbaric.

Pastor Yusuf NaderkhaniPastor Yusuf Naderkhani and his family

This is another sign that we, as a nation, as individuals, that we must stand up, we must speak out against this type of injustice.
Let us join together. Please contact us here at Dove World Outreach Center, contact us here at Stand Up America Now, let us join together with many many different news agencies, Christian organizations, other First Amendment organizations, people that are concerned about human rights around the world.

Legitimizing Cold Blooded Murderers; The New Rave!

Big Peace

There is barely a day that passes without the drone-like reminder that the world we now live in is riddled with the carnage left by the blood lusting and demonically influenced hordes in our midst. One would think that after 10 years of studying and fighting this enemy, we might actually have  a firm understanding of him and have determined how best to defeat him.

The Taliban:  not so bad?

We certainly should have been able to determine what doesn’t work.

Instead, we unilaterally placed a “governor” on our force projection which presumed to increase trust and goodwill amongst the Afghan population by reducing civilian casualties. In so doing, we necessarily extended the need for US forces there into perpetuity. And we did this based on a faulty presumption; that the average Afghan did not agree – to greater degree, with the Taliban. It also almost by necessity assumes then that the average Afghan does not see us as anything other than good people coming to the rescue.

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Why Iran still represents the Axis of Evil

Comments by Jim Campbell

Iran today is arguably the largest exporter of weapons and training those who want to become part of the Jihad.  Daily weapons from Iran kill and mail U.S. and coalition troops. The WSJ posted in July, “Iran Funnels New Weapons to Iraq and Afghanistan.”  Iran will be crushed from within as their population wants freedom and abhor the fascist tenants of Sharia on its citizens.

They executed 88 people this year in different form for following the teachings of a Seventh Century lunatic and pedophile. 

As of this writing she appears to still be alive, the charges of adultery have not been dropped, she may face hanging in the near future, this form the “religion of tolerance and forgiveness.

Report: Number Of Executions Carried Out By Sharia Courts Increases For Third Straight Year

Nick Berg
Daniel Pearl Executed in the same way


ROME – The use of the death penalty to implement the Sharia, Islamic law, continues to increase year by year: in 2010 there were at least 714 executions, against 658 in 2009 and around 585 in the previous year, in 13 countries with a Muslim majority, many of which ordered by religious tribunals.

The sentences were carried out by hanging, decapitation and execution by firing squad. These figures emerged from the 2011 report presented today in Rome by the association ‘Nessuno tocchi Caino’ (Hands Off Cain).

Worldwide 24 of the 47 countries with a Muslim majority practice capital punishment; 18 of these have a judicial system that explicitly refers to the Sharia. There is only one Islamic country, Iran, that applied the death penalty in 2010 and in the first six months of 2011 to minors who were under the age of 18 when they committed their crime. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Mauritania and Egypt also sentenced minors to death, but did not execute the penalty.

The Sharia has been applied through hanging, decapitation and execution by firing squad. In Iran, Nigeria and Pakistan people have been sentenced to death by stoning, but there are no reports of actual executions by this method, though stoning is used without regular trials in Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Hanging, often in public, is the most widespread method. The Iranian version is particularly cruel: in this country a crane or a low platform is used that causes the convicts to die a slow and painful death. The only country to apply decapitation is Saudi Arabia. In 2010 there were 27 executions, less than half of the number recorded in 2009 (at least 69), but the number of decapitations increased significantly in 2011.