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Jihadi attack on Orthodox Christian monastery in Serbia: Where’s the outrage?


Comment by Jim Campbell

Following the teachings of Mohammed the infidel must be killed or their property destroyed.

It’s the Muslim Way. 


Every day it becomes increasingly clear how brilliant it was of President Clinton to send US troops to fight alongside Albanian Muslims to defeat the Christian Serbs in the cause of Islam.
And they are still stumping for their jihad in Kosovo  …

This important item of news not ignored by Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) and Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs).  But, as expected, the West’s main media is deliberately missing in action.


Serbian Orthodox Monastery of Assumption of the Virgin Destroyed

Kisha D Dorado
Delegate and Correspondent
OCP News Service

Belgrade: Albanians last night completely destroyed the monastery “Assumption of the Virgin” in southern Serbia. Monastery of the Assumption of Virgin” which is located in the vicinity of Vladicin Han was vandalized last night.

The door was smashed, and the entire interior were broken. The money from the candle sales and other item inside the monastery is stolen, and all the icons were smashed. Mother

Paraskeva (62 years old) confirmed this information. She was very upset fear for her safety. “I’m afraid they will come back, but I’m not going anywhere. I’m here alone and old, but let them come, someone has to defend,” said Paraskeva.

“There’s nothing left, this is terrible! The whole world stood up on his feet because of a cartoon of Muhammad, but when all monasteries and churches destroyed, no one responds,” she added.Asked whether he knows who could have done this, Paraskeva replied that everything is known, but that no one will be interested in this case.

“Albanians from Kosovo were organized with the intention of coming to destroy the Serbian monasteries in this area! This is not the first time something like this happens. Last year on Good Friday they attacked me, I did not have a stick, who knows if I managed to defend myself,” said the visibly shaken Paraskeva.

“Albanians from Kosovo are organized and planned to come and destroy Serbian monasteries in this area. This is not the 1st time something like this happens. Last year on Good Friday they attacked me. If I didn-t have my stick, I would hardly protect myself.” The Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin is under the auspices of Bishop Pachomius, who was accused for rape of boys, which Paraskeva says to be the worst invented lies by the Albanians. “They started all these stories and even payed the people to lie about it. Some have been given 35 000 DM (Deutsche Marks) to create a bad image of the Bishop.” The Monastery is located in the village of Mrtvica, 14 kilometers from Vladicin Han town. It originates from the 4th century and it is the oldest shrine in Vranje district.


Christians are being ‘emptied from the Middle East’

Comment by Jim Campbell

More information from the Cult of Death we are told to believe is the “religion of peace, love and tolerance.

Dear probable Muslim Whiner,

On August 15th I issued a challenge to the followers of the cult, Islam.

The question can no longer be asked what is wrong with the sick demented fools that follow the teachings of a fool; the question is what is right with them.

The hit count at this site has remained quite consistent, still the whining though comments are sourced yet nobody will take the challenge?  Are you all cowards?

Mother Agnès-Mariam de la Croix

The next time you come in contact with a Muslim that will tell you that you are mistaken, ask them; if it is not true that”Only false prophets feel the need to kill in order to spread their faith.”

Of course if you refuse to submit to their totalitarian ways, crack, that was the sound of your head being separated from your body.

Musilims are brainwashed, coward, trash incapable of dealing with the fact that followers of Mohammed were taught to kill a civilian journalist like Nick Berg by beheading him for sport.

Yep this never happened it was all make believe like the cult you believe in.  Just another head for the box.

There is an upside possibly to this, the dead no longer will be living under the deceit of Mo and his cult of followers.

1389 blog

by Gramfan

The Australian has the story:

By Rowan Callick, October 6, 2012

The mother superior of a 1500-year-old monastery in Syria warned yesterday during a visit to Australia that the uprising against Bashar al-Assad has been hijacked by foreign Islamist mercenaries, with strong support from Western countries.

Mother Agnes-Mariam de la Croix was forced to flee to neighbouring Lebanon in June when she was warned of a plot to abduct her, after she revealed that about 80,000 Christians had been “cleared” by rebel forces from their homes in Homs province.

She described on the website of the Greek-Melkite Catholic monastery of St James, the church she rebuilt 18 years ago after discovering it in ruins, how Islamist rebels had gathered Christian and Alawi hostages in a building in Khalidiya in Homs. Then they blew it up with dynamite and attributed the act to the regular army.

She told The Weekend Australian, while visiting Melbourne yesterday – between meetings with Catholic Archbishop Denis Hart and state parliamentarians – that after the uprising began, she had noticed growing numbers of “aggressive, armed gangs which wished to paralyse community life, abducting people, beheading, bringing terror even to schools”. Complete article below.

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Bad Assumptions Lead to Bad Policies

Sultan Knish

What is so terribly interesting about bad governments is that they are as self-deceiving as they are deceptive. The straightforward clarity of Orwell’s Oceania with its apparatchiks who knew exactly what the system was about and how evil it was, is woefully lacking in our own apparatchiks who assemble the most ridiculous plans out of the tissue paper of their own consensus and then goggle when it all comes apart on them. Whatever evil they harbor within themselves is outdone time and time again by their own stupidity.

Libya is a case in point. We are now loosely involved in a civil war in Libya on the side of the losing side. An engagement engineered by the brightest leaders the West had to offer. Forget dullards like Bush, Blair and Chirac– the new generation weren’t going to let themselves get caught out that way. These were sharp men, brainy boys who had gone to the right schools, Harvard, Oxford, Sciences Po. Surely they could draw on the lessons of history.
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Pat Buchanan Offends Anti-American Islam-Loving Libertarians

Editorial Comment: The Libertarian movement is not apt to get any traction in this country until they sort a couple of things out.  First, being Islamic apologists has nothing to do with the Constitution.  They are way off base with their politically correct ignorant support of mosque building.  Let’s look at the First Amendment shall we?

Amendment I United States Constitution

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  Now the media, and our all things Muslim president would like to have us believe that’s it a First Amendment issue, seriously, is Congress involved with the exception of perpetrating another hoax and fraud?

Issue number two, war.  They just don’t seem to see the need for War.  If it weren’t for the anti-war congress, and we began operating from a position of strength and retain the mantle of the only worlds super power. It is doubtful we would need to become involved.

The exception,  jihad against America must be dealt with swiftly with a disproportional response.  This is asymmetrical warfare.  Jihadist’s  want to become homicide bombers, with truck bombs, hide behind women and children, then they become casualties of war.  The rules of the Geneva Convention do not apply, lift the rules of engagement from our troops. Get out of their way Washington.
Our country doesn’t fight politically correct wars, you want to lose, our troops risk their lives and are in it to win. True Americans want to win.
Attention members of congress and Mr. Obama Let’s start upholding your number one oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. I’m J.C.

Pat Buchanan has offended anti-American libertarians who think Islam is gentle.

Buchanan said the Ground Zero mosque is a development planned by a man with the “religious motivation of the Saudis who attacked the towers” and should not be built.  This has Fred Reed of LewRockwell.com infuriated: America is not at war with Islam, prior to 9/11 America never considered Islam violent and by no means would alleged Muslims attack America. Reed blames America for Islamic violence — America is the bloodthirsty beast that created Muslim monsters and was never attacked by Islam.

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