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Those Who Demand Freedom Most Declare the U.S. Military Mass Murderers

Lisa Richards

It’s no secret many libertarians oppose preemptive strikes against enemies. Libertarians are critical of war and U.S. military stationing in nations we are at war with, considering that a form of occupation.  Radical libertarians, however (leftists who support and demand the protection of the Second Amendment and free markets, claiming they believe in freedom), define fighting for freedom by means of war, as “legalized mass-murder” “committed by governments,” because “War is nothing but ‘breaking windows’ on a massive scale.”

Had America entered World War II earlier and legally broken Hitler’s windows, perhaps millions of Jews would never have been illegally and inhumanely mass murdered.

Radical libertarian author J. H. Huebert of Lewrockwell.com disagrees. Huebert’s latest book, Libertarianism Today, claims all libertarians believe war is “legalized,” “unjust theft” and “slavery” that “forces people to fight and die.”

Now I understand the definition of an all volunteer military.

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Pat Buchanan Offends Anti-American Islam-Loving Libertarians

Editorial Comment: The Libertarian movement is not apt to get any traction in this country until they sort a couple of things out.  First, being Islamic apologists has nothing to do with the Constitution.  They are way off base with their politically correct ignorant support of mosque building.  Let’s look at the First Amendment shall we?

Amendment I United States Constitution

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  Now the media, and our all things Muslim president would like to have us believe that’s it a First Amendment issue, seriously, is Congress involved with the exception of perpetrating another hoax and fraud?

Issue number two, war.  They just don’t seem to see the need for War.  If it weren’t for the anti-war congress, and we began operating from a position of strength and retain the mantle of the only worlds super power. It is doubtful we would need to become involved.

The exception,  jihad against America must be dealt with swiftly with a disproportional response.  This is asymmetrical warfare.  Jihadist’s  want to become homicide bombers, with truck bombs, hide behind women and children, then they become casualties of war.  The rules of the Geneva Convention do not apply, lift the rules of engagement from our troops. Get out of their way Washington.
Our country doesn’t fight politically correct wars, you want to lose, our troops risk their lives and are in it to win. True Americans want to win.
Attention members of congress and Mr. Obama Let’s start upholding your number one oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. I’m J.C.

Pat Buchanan has offended anti-American libertarians who think Islam is gentle.

Buchanan said the Ground Zero mosque is a development planned by a man with the “religious motivation of the Saudis who attacked the towers” and should not be built.  This has Fred Reed of LewRockwell.com infuriated: America is not at war with Islam, prior to 9/11 America never considered Islam violent and by no means would alleged Muslims attack America. Reed blames America for Islamic violence — America is the bloodthirsty beast that created Muslim monsters and was never attacked by Islam.

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