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Muslims Riot, Mayhem in France

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Cars burned, police shot at after authorities kill hold-up suspect near Grenoble Y Net Nerws

Rioters burned cars, attacked a tramway and shot at police in the French city of Grenoble overnight in protest at the death of a local Muslim man, identified as 27-year- old Karim Boudouda, fleeing police after allegedly holding up the city’s casino.

Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux was to travel to the southeastern city on Saturday to monitor events, his office said.

The punk jihad in France is back. The hudna is over.  Hostilities  resume. Thousands of  burning cars redux?

France riots

Mayhem in Grenoble (Photo: AFP) (hat tip woolie)
France: Riots over killing of Muslim man

The violence began around midnight on Friday and lasted through the night in the poor suburban neighborhood of Villeneuve, home to the alleged robber.

Police said they intervened after local residents stopped a tramway by setting a fire on the rails and stoned it. At least 50 cars were burned and police said they were shot at once and returned fire. No casualties were reported.

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