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HAMBURGISTAN? Home to the first ‘Muslims-Only’ shopping center in Germany

Comment by Jim Campbell

Attention future  Muslim shop owners.  You would not likely be successful in the U.S. 

An owner is allowed to refuse service, for aberrant behavior or a dress code but not discrimination of people because of their religion.  By now one would think as a woman  you would be very clear about discrimination.  After all, your stone age belief system treats women with less respect than animals. 

If you are capable of thought, rise up and say you ain’t playing MO NO MO he has been messing with you since the Seventh Century.

Islam in America

“Islamic entrepreneurs wanted,” says the sign in the window, offering space for offices, retail stores, restaurants, and catering. But only to Muslim entrepreneurs.

Below is the future home of this Islamic Shopping Center. Notice the black flag hanging in the window, – the flag of jihad (war).

A  Muslim business woman, is planning to open Hamburg’s first ‘Islamic Shopping Center’ in a vacant property.  She is already advertising for business partners who want to rent parts of the property, but only ‘Islamic’ companies need apply. (SEE MORE BELOW)

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