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Islamist Propaganda in the K-12 Classroom

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Comment by Jim Campbell

After talking with a lovely woman today who told me with enthusiasm, that her 10 year old was studying Islam in school this made bells go off with red flags flying,  Thus I’m bringing back an article I wrote last year.

I urge all parents to organize, contact a local chapter of ACT, here for America and have them help you make sure your children are not subjected to these lies.

Brigette Gabriel Founder and CEO for American Congress for Truth (ACT)

Editorial Comment by Jim Campbell:  I’ve experienced the malignancy of the spread of Islam first hand. The Fountain Valley, CA  School Board was alerted by two teachers that the materials presented in their text books were not true representations of Islam. 

They called upon our chapter of ACT, American Congress for Truth, to have a supplement written that would balance the teaching.  A great deal of time and effort was put forth by Muslim apostates to shed the light on the falsehoods being taught to the children.  In a stunning setback for education and proof that the tentacles of Islam can penetrate even the lowest levels of government please click here to see how easily a school board can be bought and paid for.

Ryan Mauro is the founder of WorldThreats.com, National Security Advisor to the Christian Action Network, and an intelligence analyst with the Asymmetric Warfare and Intelligence Center.
A highly disturbing phenomenon is rising in our public school system today with hardly a peep of protest from parents and from our society at large: students are being force-fed a curious and bizarre narrative that presents Islam in a glowing — and historically mangled — light, while Western civilization and the Judeo-Christian tradition are demonized and smeared. The latest example can be found in New York’s statewide high school Regents exam where students will find points deducted from their grade if they don’t obediently regurgitate the Party-Line given to them.

Some of the test’s questions are based on specific readings from A World History: A Cultural Approach by Daniel Roselle, including this troublesome lesson: “Wherever they went, the Moslems brought with them their love of art, beauty and learning.

From about the eighth to the eleventh century, their culture was superior in many ways to that of western [sic] Christendom.” Elsewhere, students learn from Roselle how, under Christian rule, “idols, temples and other material evidences of paganism [were] destroyed.”

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School Board Trustees decline to change portrayal of Islam cave into pressure from CAIR

By Jim Campbell

I attended  the meeting of the Fountain Valley School Board in Fountain Valley, CA.  The article below my comments is woefully lacking in the details of what actually happened last evening.  The absolute ignorance of this board on the threat Islam poses to America and the entire world either escaped them or they had an entirely different agenda.  Ultimately, what ever the price paid, they sold the minds of seventh grade students, to Islam.  For this each of the members of the board must be fired.

Judith Edwards. a school board member said “If we start messing with supplementary materials for this textbook we’re going to be doing it for all textbooks.” I certainly wonder if she would have used the same logic as Hitler began conquering Europe. The arrogance of this board was clear. Watching them one felt, the fix was in.  The entire meeting was a charade.

Shabbir Mansuri,  from the Institution of Religion and Civic values, which is under the umbrella of CAIR, a known front for money laundering that funds terrorism and jihad against America and the world, apparently has a “relationship” with a member of the board. Mansuri  has rented space to use the Fountain Valley School board office for a meeting room.
Mansuri was very happy the proposed changes didn’t take place.

Superintendent Eckert’s denial that he had ever had lunch or dinner or knew Shabbir Mansuri is laughable at best.

The oddest thing happened when a former veteran led the group in the pledge of allegiance.  The board member with the gavel tried to call the attendees out-of-order, only one member of the board stood and put her hand on her heart.  She looked like a deer caught in the headlights trying to decide if she should say the pledge or not.  This is a preview of life under a totalitarian regime. The arrogance of the board members was beyond belief.

No mention was made that the school board contacted Act for America, and asked for their input.  The organization enlisted the support of Muslim Scholars, who had left Islam, an act punishable by death, to design the curriculum.  No mention was made that ACT was going to provide the companion booklets to be used to compare and contrast with the current propaganda in their test book for no cost to the school district.

Not covered were the impassioned pleas by former Muslims who had escaped Islam, after observing first hand how the cult of death treats it people.  A number had witnessed family members being executed.  Author Mano Bakh, of the best-selling biography, Escaping Islam, discussed his experience with this murderous cult that has hijacked the Muslim people.

The biggest fraud committed during the meeting was when the audience was told that no vote would be taken, the matter would be put on a future agenda, or returned to Sacramento for a decision.  Well, it appears they voted while lying to those in attendance.  It appears that money from Islamic Terror front groups may have won the day.

The high point of the evening was when an 8th grader  took his place at the microphone and addressed the board.  He asked them, “why is it o.k. for us to be taught about the 4 pillars of Islam and we can’t be taught about The Ten Commandants?”  His comments were met with a standing ovation.  Great question young man.  Ask the ACLU about that one.

With about 100 people in the audience Thursday night, Fountain Valley School District board members tell activists to find state avenues for any changes in the way Islamic history is taught.

After listening to 18 speakers on the matter, board members said they felt they didn’t have the authority to determine whether supplementary material, which had not been state approved, could be used in district classrooms.

“I still feel as trustee and former educator and parent that (this decision) belongs with the Curriculum Commission,” said trustee Judith Edwards. “If we start messing with supplementary materials for this textbook we’re going to be doing it for all textbooks.”

FOUNTAIN VALLEY- Schools in the Fountain Valley district will not change the way they portray Islamic history to seventh graders.

After a long, contentious meeting Thursday night, a unanimous school board declined to go further with a proposal by Fountain Valley resident Steve Jackson that they provide supplemental material to the district’s 7th grade social science textbook. Jackson contends the textbook shows a “totally positive view of Islam at the expense of accuracy.”

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Robert Lauten, center, points his finger at Marc Ecker, superintendent of the Fountain Valley School District, in a heated discussion at the conclusion of the public comments before the Fountain Valley School District Board of Trustees. Lauten, and others, were angry when they learned that the school board would not be voting on the issue regarding the proposed supplementary material on Islam to be added to the 7th grade social science textbook.