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Legitimizing Cold Blooded Murderers; The New Rave!

Big Peace

There is barely a day that passes without the drone-like reminder that the world we now live in is riddled with the carnage left by the blood lusting and demonically influenced hordes in our midst. One would think that after 10 years of studying and fighting this enemy, we might actually have  a firm understanding of him and have determined how best to defeat him.

The Taliban:  not so bad?

We certainly should have been able to determine what doesn’t work.

Instead, we unilaterally placed a “governor” on our force projection which presumed to increase trust and goodwill amongst the Afghan population by reducing civilian casualties. In so doing, we necessarily extended the need for US forces there into perpetuity. And we did this based on a faulty presumption; that the average Afghan did not agree – to greater degree, with the Taliban. It also almost by necessity assumes then that the average Afghan does not see us as anything other than good people coming to the rescue.

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The Written Text at the Time of the Prophet Muhammad

Comment by Jim Campbell

One must ask the question just exactly was lost in translation during the period from 610AD until 653AD.  Would sane people if given an option subject themselves to the will of Allah; when it is suggested that his brutal horrific ways written into Sharia would be come the corner stone of their lives? 

Remember “Only false prophets feel the need to kill in order to spread their faith.”

Islam has hijacked Muslims for the most part in third world countries, not the other way around as suggested by the U.S. Media.  Why? Because those that follow said interpretation of the Qur’an are following the will of Allah.  It’s quite simple “submit or die.” 

The Death of Muhammad:

 Muhammad died in 632 A.D He died as a result of being poisoned following his attack upon and conquest of the Jewish settlement of Khaibar.

The revelations Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) received were passed on mainly orally for 43 years from 610 AD until 653 AD. At that time the Quran was officially written under the command of Uthman. During the first 22 years of this period the prophet of Islam was still alive. In case of doubt his followers could have consulted him immediately. Many of them also memorized the revelations under his personal guidance.

More than 20 of those are mentioned by name in the Hadith. Among them were well know persons, such as Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali, Ibn Masud, Abu Huraira, Abdullah bin Abbas, Abdullah bin Amr bin al-As, Aisha, Hafsa and Umm Salama. (“Itqan” by Suyuti, I, p.124) Others went over the contents of the Quran with the prophet before his death. “Narrated Qatada: I asked Anas bin Malik: ‘Who collected the Quran at the time of the prophet?’ He replied, ‘Four, all of whom were from the Ansar: Ubai bin Ka’b, Muadh bin Jabal, Zaid bin Thabit and Abu Zaid.’” (Bukhari, VI, No.525)

What is meant by Jam’ al-Qur’an?

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Islam the “religion of peace and tolerance”

Comment by Jim Campbell

Islam is not a religion, it’s at best a cult, and political /economic system.  It’s adherents primarily Muslims starting in third world countries were hijacked by the rantings of a Seventh Century mad man a crazed pedophile Muhammad, who could neither read nor write.

Islam is a fascist ideology with the supplicant being forced to submit to the will of Allah.  “Submit or die.”

It is true as the header on this site suggests, “Only false profits feel the need to kill in order to spread their faith.”

Islam is incompatible with the United States Constitution.  The devout follower recognizes no law other than that of Allah. The barbaric treatment of it’s members and non members, Christians and Jews are crimes against humanity.

Sharia is creeping much faster now through out the U.S. Twenty-three states recognize Sharia Law in their courts.  It’s time to assimilate, if you can’t live by our law then get the hell out and go back to where your know you belong.

See ACT for America legislative action in action

By Jim Campbell

I’m a member of ACT for America. They are accomplishing amazing things. Please let your voices be heard.

We are at war with Sharia. Muslims  must be stopped before we are made slaves to Islam as they recognize one law, the law of Allah, their objective is to world wide subjugation of all religions to theirs,  bringing  more Sharia compliant courts to the U.S. and thus the complete destruction of our Constitution.

Think it can’t happen?  Start paying attention what is going on as they have taken hold in many countries in Europe.

Think it can’t happen?  It already is, disruptive call to prayer blocking  traffic in New York City,  Sharia compliant courts in Minnesota, Dearborn, MI.  Start paying attention what is going on as they have taken hold in many countries in Europe.

This is against the law in New York, yet gutless politicians refuse to order the police to stop it.  How long before the paddy wagons would be on the spot if these people had been Christians?

Remember, the lust for power does not stop and the city, county or state level.  These same cowards will be on ballots in the future running for national office. 

If they refuse to uphold the law here can we expect any different behavior one they join the elitists in Washington? 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Muslim Woman Seeks to Revive Institution of Sex-Slavery

Raymond Ibrahim

Front Page Magazine

Last week witnessed popular Muslim preacher Abu Ishaq al-Huwaini boast about how Islam allows Muslims to buy and sell conquered infidel women, so that “When I want a sex-slave, I go to the market and pick whichever female I desire and buy her.”

This week’s depraved anachronism comes from a Muslim woman—Salwa al-Mutairi, a political activist and former parliamentary candidate for Kuwait’s government, no less: She, too, seeks to “revive the institution of sex-slavery.”

A brief English report appeared over the weekend in the Kuwait Times (nothing, of course, in the MSM):

Muslim men who fear being seduced or tempted into immoral behavior by the beauty of their female servants, or even of those servants “casting spells” on them, would be better to purchase women from an “enslaved maid” agency for sexual purposes. She [Mutairi] suggested that special offices could be set up to provide concubines in the same way as domestic staff recruitment agencies currently provide housemaids. “We want our youth to be protected from adultery,” said al-Mutairi, suggesting that these maids could be brought as prisoners of war in war-stricken nations like Chechnya to be sold on later to devout merchants.

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CALIFORNIA: Another school system is exposed for using history textbooks that sanitize Islam


Parent groups and officials complain that history textbooks being used in the San Diego school district are whitewashing the facts about the Islamic faith, and want them removed. As usual, Muslims drag out the used and abused ‘Islamophobia’ card.

(H/T Elizabeth A)  (This begs the question, why do American history books include chapters about Islam when they don’t for any other religions? Oh wait, could it be that the Saudi Government funds and controls the production of 70-80% of American history books?)

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Philly Muslims Take to Streets to Celebrate “Islamic Heritage”

Logan’s Warning

Just like last year, Philadelphia Muslims took to the streets to celebrate “Islamic heritage”. Just like last year, they played the Islamic victim card.

Islamic heritage celebrated at Philadelphia festival

By Stacey Burling
Inquirer Staff Writer

As parades go, this one was small, but participants saw it as a way to make a statement about a big problem: prejudice against American Muslims. They wanted to make the point – quietly – that Muslims are not a threat. Nor are they foreigners, in an area where many Muslims are African Americans.

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Redistributing Freedom to Tyranny


There are frayed nerves in Silicon Valley at the prospect of the United Nations asserting a growing role in internet governance. But why indeed should that be? The United Nations is generally beloved the further left of center you go by people who agree that American power, wealth, productivity and decision making should be turned over to international bodies, most notably the UN. And if the UN is so wonderful and so much better than any government chosen by the American people could ever be, why not turn over the internet to it?

The paradox of internationalization is that left of the center there is wide agreement that American power must be redistributed, along with widespread denial that the only people available to redistribute it to happen to be dictators. Most of the world does not consist of democracies. It consists of horrifyingly brutal dictatorships. Not just the ones we know about. The ones that show up in the news all the time, North Korea, Iran or Zimbabwe. Not even the second stringers like Cuba, Burma or Syria. Most of the world.

The Second Major Wave of Jihad: the Turks, 1071-1683

H/T Citizen Warrior

The following is one chapter of Islam 101:

Some twenty-five years before the first Crusading army set out from central Europe for the Holy Land, the Turkish (Ottoman) armies began an assault on the Christian Byzantine Empire, which had ruled what is now Turkey since the Roman Empire’s capital was moved to Constantinople in 325 AD.

At the battle of Manzikert, in 1071, the Christian forces suffered a disastrous defeat, which left much of Anatolia (Turkey) open to invasion. This second wave of jihad was temporarily held up by the invading Latin Armies during the Crusades (see Islam 101 FAQs), but, by the beginning of the 14th century, the Turks were threatening Constantinople and Europe itself.

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Muslims’ Entrapment by Islam

 “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.” Sir Winston Churchill- The River War 1899

Let’s face it. Islam is like a deadly, contagious disease. Once it invades the mind of its victim, it is capable of transforming him to a helpless pawn that has no choice but to execute what he is directed to do. It’s true that the vast majority of the victims of communism were people living in communist states. Some 38 million Soviets were killed because of communism. Tens of millions of Chinese citizens were killed because of communism. That the victims of communism were largely members of socialist societies says a great deal about the ideology itself.

It is also true with Islam. Muslims are the main victims of Islamic ideology. The political system of Islam, just like fascism and communism, is a dysfunctional ideology that needs to be abandoned. Islam’s charter Quran is the root cause of Islamic terrorism, just as Marxism was the root cause of international communist totalitarianism.

Of the reported 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, millions are already trapped in the terminal stages of this affliction, while millions of others are rapidly joining them. The people enslaved with the extreme cases of Islamic mental disease are highly infectious. They actively work to transmit the disease to others, while they themselves engage in horrific acts of mayhem and violence to demonstrate their unconditional obedience to the dictates of the Islamic cult.

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There is something about Islam

Dajjal’s blog

There’s something about Islam. There are five critical elements which make it a real, proximate & persisting threat to our lives and liberties.  Allah’s command to wage offensive warfare until the entire world is conquered, his promise of Paradise as a reward for compliance, his threat of Hell as a punishment for non-compliance, his contract with his slaves and his incentive to terrorism are not particularly easy to communicate to the public at large.

Individually, they appear to be harsh, but are dismissed as fantasy.  Together, they express an evil command set bolstered by powerful motivating factors.

Without believers ready to implement the jihad imperatives, Islam would pose no threat.  With believers it has filled graves with an estimated 270 million victims.
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Located in California, Member of Pakistan’s Govt Responds to Logan’s Warning!

Logan’s Warning

Hello friends, and enemies! I just wanted to let you know that the team on this site is doing a great job! Not only have we attracted the attention of the Iranian Shia media conglomerate, AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA), now we have not gotten under the skin of a man using an email address provided for members of Pakistan’s government. His comment was just so friendly….Ali


A lot of the “facts” in this blog are wrong, but you’re all probably dumb assholes who never left their home town anyway, so wallow in your sad lives and keep ‘raging against the machine’, Islam is a nice religion and Muslims are nice people, people like you give Islam a bad name because they have nothing better to do than to hate what others love. I believe that makes you a ‘hater’.

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Westerners obsess over destruction of one book, ignore destruction of many human lives


Posted on April 10, 2011 by creeping

Raymond Ibrahim, associate director of the Middle East Forum, nails it: Destroying One Koran vs. Destroying Many Christians Which is Worse?

The now infamous Koran burning by Florida pastor Terry Jones has created hysteria in the Muslim world. In Afghanistan alone, some twenty people, including U.N. workers, have been killed and beheaded to screams of “Allahu Akbar!” Western leaders around the globe—including Obama and members of Congress—have unequivocally condemned Jones’ actions (without bothering to point out that freedom of expression is a prized American liberty). Many are even blaming the deaths in Afghanistan directly on Jones; Bill O’Reilley says he has “blood on his hands.”

Yet, as Western leaders rush to profess their abhorrence at what one American did to one inanimate book, let’s take a quick look at what many Muslims are doing to many living and breathing Christians around the Islamic world—to virtually no media coverage or Western condemnation:

  • Afghanistan: A Muslim convert to Christianity was seized and, according to sharia’s apostasy laws, awaits execution.
  • Bangladesh: A Christian man was arrested for distributing Bibles near Muslims. Since Wednesday, thousands of Muslims have been rioting, injuring dozens—not because of Jones, but in protestation of women’s rights.
  • Egypt: A Muslim mob burned down another Coptic church and dozens of Christian homes; when Christians protested, the military opened fire on them while crying “Allahu Akbar,” killing nine. Another mob cut a Christian man’s ear off “according to sharia.”
  • Ethiopia: Muslims went on a rampage burning down nearly 70 churches, killing at least one Christian, and dislocating as many as 10,000. Christians living in Muslim majority regions are being warned to either convert to Islam, abandon their homes, or die.
  • Malaysia: Authorities detained and desecrated thousands of Bibles.
  • Pakistan: Two Christians were shot to death as they exited church; a Christian serving life in prison for “blasphemy” died in his cell under suspicions of murder.
  • Saudi Arabia: An Eritrean Christian has been arrested for sharing his faith with Muslims and is facing the death penalty; other missionaries continue to languish in Saudi prisons.
  • Somalia and Sudan: Christian girls—including a mother of four—were recently abducted, raped, and killed for embracing Christianity.

It should be borne in mind that none of these atrocities were performed in retaliation to Jones’ Koran burning; they’re just business as usual in the Muslim world. Moreover, the above list is but a quick and cursory sampling of the very latest in Christian suffering under Islam. Were one to include persecution from just a few months back, one could also mention the jihadist attack on a Baghdad church, killing 52 Christians; the New Year’s eve Coptic church explosion, killing 21; Muslim rampages that destroyed several churches in Indonesia, Nigeria, and the Philippines; Iran’s “round up” of some 70 home-worshipping Christians; and Kuwait’s—a nation that owes its very existence to U.S. war sacrifices—rejection to build a church.

Then there are the countless atrocities that never make it to any media—the stories of persistent, quiet misery that only the victims and local Christians know.

One would have thought that all this was at least equally deserving of media attention and Western condemnation as the burning of a Koran. Worse, whereas only Jones is responsible for his actions, many of the aforementioned savageries—arresting and executing Christian missionaries and Muslim apostates, destroying or outlawing churches, seizing and desecrating not one but thousands of Bibles—are carried out at the hands of Muslim authorities and governments deemed U.S. “friends-and-allies.”

Such is the surreal and increasingly irrational world we live in, where irate Muslims and groveling Westerners obsess over the destruction of one book while ignoring the destruction of many human lives; where a guaranteed and hard-earned American right—freedom of expression—receives a lot of condemnatory huffing and puffing from those charged with protecting it, while murderous and barbarous—in a word, evil—behavior is devoutly ignored.

Ah yes, Islam the religion of peace and love

While Valentine’s Day was being observed around the world, in Afghanistan, husband of Nafisa, cut off her ear and nose and put hot water on her small child. The inhuman act was carried in Herat Province in the Western Afghanistan on Feb.14, 2008. گوش و بینی نفیسه از سوی شوهرش بریده شد مسوو

Dear Muslims: What is It that You Don’t Understand?

by Amil Imani

Apostate and Islamic scholar Amil Imani explains the ignorance of those who follow the teachings of Sharia and why they won’t have a Major League Baseball team anytime soon in America.

We, the non-Muslims—the infidels, heathens, unbelievers, apostates, enemies of Allah, najis (soiled), as you prefer to call us—would like to know what it is that you don’t understand and what it is that makes you behave so badly toward us? You blame us for your problems and believe if we embrace Islam and help establish the Islamic Ummah the earth would be cleansed of us, transformed to paradise, and all your problems disappear.

Muslims in America

Respectfully, we disagree. We believe that you and your system of belief are at the core of your problems; that you need to critically examine the facts rather than conveniently blame others for your ills. Keep in mind that beliefs and ideas make people human, that beliefs are roadmaps of life. To the extent that the roadmap is rational and enlightened, the path of life is illumined, pitfalls are avoided and obstacles are removed. The terrain of life has greatly changed since the roadmap of Islam was given to the wandering primitives of the Arabian Peninsula.

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