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Record numbers of Muslim women turn to suicide to excape the horrors of Sharia Law

Suicide: Afghan women’s other plight

The West debates its role in the country — meanwhile, 23,000 women try to kill themselves each year

By Judy Mandelbaum
The mother of nineteen-year-old Zahara holds her hand while she lies in her hospital bed. Zahara, trapped in an unhappy marriage, attempted to commit suicide by burning herself with petrol.
Suicide: Afghan women's other plight

AP Photo
Time magazine’s recent depiction of a mutilated woman on its cover to illustrate “what happens if we leave Afghanistan” (without a question mark, mind you) has heated tempers on all sides of the debate over the American occupation of that nation. As Antiwar.com’s Jeff Huber put it today, “If [Time editor Richard] Stengel wanted to show us what is really happening, why didn’t he run images of Taliban leaders receiving bribe money that came from the United States?

Muslim Women Abused and Suicidal: The Left Wants this Dirty Little Secret Hidden

Left-wingers consider reports of mutilated Muslim women, and the high suicide rate among women in Islamic countries, problematic. Since the U.S. invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, Americans have been exposed to certain facts the left wants hidden–Islam allows mutilation of women.

Reports of Islam’s abuse and oppression of women is making Americans take a stand against Islam’s radicalism, as well as mosque building in America, and this has the Islam-supporting Left up in arms.

The Left, which marches emphatically for women’s rights (while ignoring honor killings of Muslim women in America), wants Islamic abuse of women—causing high rates of suicide in Islamic countries—ignored, or better yet, viewed as depression caused by mental illness.

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Exclusive: Suicide Bomber Hotline?

Paul Williams, PhD

Family Security Matters

If you are a Muslim suicide bomber in Germany and have second thoughts about carrying out your mission, we have good news for you.
You can call the suicide bomber hotline at 0221/792-699 and receive immediate advise from trained advisors.

The hotline is called HATIF, meaning “telephone” in Arabic and has been set up to provide guidance to Muslims who want to abandon the jihad against all non-believers.“The primary goal of HATIF is to prevent violence in the name of Islam,” states the German Federal Constitution Protection Office.

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