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Muslim Brotherhood: The Reign of Terror

Faith Freedom

The reign of terror of the Muslim brotherhood can only be described as a malignant cancer that threatens every corner of the globe. As most know, the MB evolved in Egypt in 1928. The chronology below details the growth and far reaching impact of the MB. Today the MB is an outlawed radical sect in Egypt. The Mubarak Regime has over the last 29 years attempted to control and regulate this terror organization. In 2005 the Mubarak regime took their eye off the ball, and the MB infiltrated parliament under the guise of independents, gaining 88 seats. Here we are in 2010, and the Mubarak regime is working tirelessly to round up the MB. Again we have elections on 28 November 2010, and the MB are again attempting to circumvent laws by running as independents. The MB is an identified terror organization that has sprouted many radical off shots all over the world. Their off spring include some of the must radical and fundamental Islamic terror groups in the world. More alarming is their affiliate branches in over 70 countries, that pose as moderate organizations, such as CAIR.

The irony been, whilst Mubarak is attempting to eradicate the “nucleus” of the MB, western leaders are working directly against him by accepting these organizations and repeating the same mistake Egypt initially made when dealing with the MB. It is true Mubarak has the benefit of understanding the mindset of the MB, and understands the MB can NOT be negotiated with. The MB are banned and outlawed in Egypt for this very reason.

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