Chilling Report: The Legal, Political and Military Path of Shariah in the United States Today

Emerging Corruption

James Simpson

This article appeared first at Right Side News

NEW YORK CITY (November 9, 2010) This past September, the Center for Security Policy issued an abbreviated report titled Shariah – The Threat to America, An Exercise in Competitive Analysis, Report of Team B II. In a press conference today, CSP is releasing the full, unexpurgated study, and will have four of the authors on hand to discuss it. A great summary of both versions can be read here.

The “Team B” name was coined for a 1976 critique of U.S. détente policy toward the Soviet Union. A group of highly-regarded analysts, “Team B,” found the assumptions of “Team A,” the détente crowd, to be fatally flawed—i.e. that the Soviets could be placated by accommodative policies—and that by naïvely misreading the enemy, détente was actually exposing the U.S. to lethal danger. This later became the foundation for the Reagan Doctrine.

The Team B II report continues this tradition, this time evaluating U.S. policy toward radical Muslims living within the U.S. The 372 page document addresses in detail a largely unrecognized but deadly Islamist infiltration, its methodologies, its goals, its frightening successes and what must be done to stem this tide.

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Somali terror suspects free in Minnesota

by creeping sharia

Only two of more than 20 Muslims from Minnesota charged with supporting Islamic, al-Qaeda linked terrorists in Somalia are in custody. The others have been let go or are at large. Looking at the charges, it’s more like livin’ large. Who among us would be walking the streets with charges of providing material support to al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, lying to the FBI, lying to a grand jury, conspiracy to kill, maim, or injure?

Status Of Men Accused In Minn. Somalis Case – wcco.com.

(AP) Fourteen Somali men have been charged the FBI’s investigation into the travels of roughly 20 men who went to Somalia to fight with the terror group al-Shabab.

Note the headline and first sentence – no mention of Islam, jihad, Muslim or the mosques that helped recruit these “men.” Now we’ll skip to an equally tidy AP headline and lengthy, sympathetic story devoid of the terms Muslim, jihad, or Islam, from the Kansas City Star (home to a large and growing Muslim population), Suspects free with conditions in Minn. terror case:

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