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INSIDER Report From Egypt: Chaos Continues To Reign!~

Logan’s Warning
I just received an update from a source in Egypt who told me that approximately 1 million Egyptians have taken to the streets there yesterday and today. The obvious target of the protest is the current, oppressive Mubarak regime, whose reign has spanned the 30 years since 1981. Surprisingly, most of the protesters are liberals in the classic sense who are, at this point, NOT calling for Sharia.
Going a step further even than not insisting on the implementation of Sharia law, many of them even went head to head with members of the pro-Sharia Muslim Brotherhood. This while the Brotherhood tried to hijack yesterday’s protest by chanting “Islam is the solution”! Thankfully, the Muslim Brotherhood were intimidated into silence. This turn of events in and of itself completely shocked my source!

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